Where are Your “Day Ones” on Day Two?


Giving Support does not equal Getting Support.

This has been a sobering reality as I’ve embarked on the journey to explore my dream, ideas, and goals for the Let’s Build Mentoring Program and my blog.

Where the hell are my day ones on day two?

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Some close friends and family seem like the last ones to get on the train when it comes to supporting your dream. Could it be because they’re unsure of the destination, unclear on the goal or that it just doesn’t seem like something of interest until others hop on?

I’m exploring this question because I found myself feeling a little jaded and unsupported throughout my young entrepreneurial career in which I looked at how I freely give support and encouragement but felt I have not received the same back from those closest to me.

So I lashed out a little in posting…



That was the Krystal from a week ago. (So immature, eye-roll)

I have now come to other revelations that have helped me to understand what may be lying underneath the surface.

Like maybe I’m part of the issue. 

In the words of the great Ms. Badu

“I’m an artist and I’m sensitive about my sh*t!”

I feel that way in my writing. Vulnerability being the culprit. I have a love/hate relationship with putting my thoughts out there so I hide it from those who would be the most honest with me. Insecurity and fear of judgement also play a part.

I just need to grow a pair in that area.


You’re supportive in nature.

I’ve always found pure joy in rooting for others. Maybe it’s the people pleaser in me or the fact that I can relate to wanting to be understood.

As Oprah says everyone just wants to be heard. Whatever the reason, I find myself hyping up associates, friends, and family alike whenever I’m told about a goal or dream. Hell, even when I see a random selfie.

I am especially more fierce in showing support and love for others on social networks now because I see how hard it is to build up a following around a project.


To me it takes very little time to show your support for someone in the online world. So why is it that so many are having trouble garnering support from those closest to them. The truth is, just like lending money, in offering support you should not expect it back.

But here are some other reasons outside of yourself that could explain the cricket sounds surrounding your dream.



They Don’t understand what the hell you’re doing or how to support it.

I think when we’re passionate about starting a business or venturing off on our own we hit family and friends with the headliners of the grand plan. This can translate to them as a pursuit that is either outrageous or complicated.

Uncle Leon may know how to DM the ladies on Facebook with the one hit pickup line he’s been using since 1974…

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but that doesn’t mean he knows what a blog is. Your grandma may be happy you’re attending college but may not understand you explaining Public relations to her when discussing opening your own PR business. Slow it down, take your time in explaining the basics and discuss small ways they can support your endeavor.

giphy-downsized (4)



Your pursuit makes them uneasy.

Seeing you pursue your dreams/passions causes others to look inward at their own life. This can go one of two ways:

It will either inspire them to pursue their own dreams (True story happened to me S/O to some of my Instagram/Facebook followers)


It will insight them to resentment as it is a reminder of you doing something they feel incapable of or afraid to do. For this reason people will only support you for as much as is comfortable for them to. Don’t sweat it. (True story happened to me S/O to some of my Instagram/Facebook followers!)

What can I say?…I’m human.


giphy-downsized (10)



Their support got lost in translation.

You may have a specific way that you show your support for others whether it’s likes, verbal encouragement or actually taking the time to read/buy/subscribe etc…

Your family and friends may have their own definitions of supporting your dreams. For example, my guy hates reading (I’ll break up with him soon, I promise); however, his verbal encouragement when I’m down, answering my “research questions” for my blog, and quick glance overs of my writing are all ways he shows his support for what I’m attempting to do.



They have their own shit.

giphy-downsized (7)

Expecting your loved ones to shout your business/project/dream from the mountain top to all they know is a little unrealistic. They may have their own shit going on in which it takes up most of their time/attention/money.

They aren’t as passionate about your dream as you are and that’s okay, that dream is yours because YOU are the one who loves it. It is then your duty to build up that dream in a way that it will appeal to even the least supportive in the pack.

They secretly hate you.





The point.

Relax young grasshopper.

It takes time to build support around your dream.

giphy-downsized (6).gif

Honestly, you need that time to perfect and tailor your dream to something that can be useful to all who encounter it anyway. Stop being so hard on yourself and stop being so judgey toward your loved ones.

Trust me, when your idea does takeoff that will be all the (TOLD YOU SO) you need. Some people get lucky and win the lottery big but don’t ignore that scratch off for $10; just go buy you a happy meal and keep grindin’.




Disclaimer: After reading this some friends and family may be tempted to contact LetsBuild via phone or text.

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I had to explore this topic; it called out to me like my name was Carol-Anne.



6 thoughts on “Where are Your “Day Ones” on Day Two?”

  1. This topic is so sensitive to me. I’m embarking on entrepreneurship and have definitely received skepticism from much of my family. They don’t quite get what I’m doing and how. It’s cool though because I understand that they are cautious people who prefer safe pursuits.
    I will say that I see a lot of social media posts in the vein of “Why do strangers support your dreams more than your family and friends.” To this I say it’s likely because your family and friends know you and your B.S. I have a family member who is always talking about wanting to do big things, but his entire life is a mess. People have supported his endeavors in the past with time and money only to be burned. I’m not saying that this is the case for you specifically. But we all know that person who always has some new business or event they want their loved ones to support while completely lacking the self awareness that their family knows their history and patterns.

    You are so right that even those closest to us need to understand not only the mission, but how it will be accomplished. They also need to see that plan in action, especially if there is any history that would point to less favorable outcomes. But ultimately our goals are our own and unless you expect your day ones to be your customers then they don’t have to be active supporters to make sure your dreams happen.

    Wishing you the absolute best with the blog and Let’s Build.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Amazing insight and I never thought about it that way but you’re right. We all know someone who hops and skips around in life to this new thing month to month but I guess I was writing for my own perspective…for those who have always been go getters who are now wondering why they haven’t gotten support in pushing particular barriers after having already knocked down so many. But I can really respect you’re view because it makes so much sense. Thanks for reading and I’ll be sure to check out your blog!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Really good post. I just published a post today about the ways that friends and family can support an entrepreneur that they know. I like your post because it really made me think about the other side of this and why they may not support or be able to support my dream.

    Liked by 1 person

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