3 Things to Learn from Your Millennial Mistakes

The tagline for Let’s Build Futures (One Millennial Mistake at a Time) isn’t just a catchy sentence meant to draw your attention. If you look closely between those lines you can see me kicking myself repeatedly; because if it’s one thing I’m good at, it’s making a really good mistake.

In my best imitation of being an adult I exercised my financial illiteracy like I was training for a triathlon. I enlisted TWICE without asking or receiving a bonus from the military for virtually 12 years of my life and I’ve stayed in an area that is perpetually economically lacking and disappointing. I did all this while patting myself on the head and crooning “Who’s a good adult…You Are…YOU ARE!”

Because I was…wasn’t I? I’ll let you be the judge.

Life has already been the jury and executioner in the matter but while it seems I’ve lost; I’m convinced that I’ve won. Valuable knowledge, unconventional wisdom and the ability to be relatable are lessons that didn’t come with a steep price tag but were born out  of innocence, ignorance and avoidance. I’m left with some obvious gems that I would love to share with you in hopes that you will get “it” sooner than I did. Gems like speaking up, utilizing situational awareness and moving on can help turn those “mistakes” into lessons.


Speak The F*** UP!

Gag that annoying little people pleaser in you and ask for what you want/need. In countless areas of life you aren’t being proactive in asking for more not because you don’t need it but because you’re far too concerned about preserving the self-sufficient, honorable image that you think others have of you. When in fact asking for something like a raise would not only help in other areas of your life but it’s probably overdue anyway.

So if it’s a raise, vacation time, or just plain respect that you desire, part those pretty little lips and let it rip. Closed mouths live off eggs and burnt fried bologna but open ones enjoy steak and lobster.


Open Eyes Get Fed Too

How can you run a race blindfolded? You got a glimpse of the track and then decided that was all the information you needed. Then the gun shot is fired and not only were your shoe strings untied from the starting line but there was a table set up on the side with useful things that would’ve helped you win, like water and proper running shoes. Now you’re running, tripping all over the track while everyone else is sprinting past you with their Gatorade and fresh track shoes.

You will trip up sometimes; so do that sh*t with flair like this guy!

Just in case this metaphor whizzed past your head then there’s this…

MESSAGE: DO YOUR FREAKING RESEARCH! SEEK HELP THEN TAKE IT! ASK QUESTIONS! EXPLORE OPTIONS! Love yourself enough to know that even with all your background baggage and innocence that the world will say “AWHHHHH poor thing” and exploit that sh*t.


The Fountain of Youthful Mistakes

Take a moment to inventory all of the mistakes that have come back to bite you in the booty; now kick yourself. Feel better?


That’s because you didn’t solve anything, you just made yourself feel worse. Forgiving yourself is essential to moving forward and uncovering the real reasons your choices turned out wrong like discussed in Wronging Your Rights . What will also work is acknowledging that regardless of the magnitude of your mistakes, it’s never too late to fix it. Will it be easy, probably not. Will you want to throw in the towel after the first lap, probably so, but can you still make it to the finish line like a Boss? Yes! Shin splints, swollen ankles and all; we’re in this together! #LetsBuild 


What are some awesome things that you’ve learned from Your Millennial Mistakes? Comment below and Let’s Talk.

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