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Oh F*ck…I’m Depressed.

Situational depression can be a real B*%#! Seasonal Depression is a sometimey B^*#! PMDD is an annoying B%^+! Persistent Depression is a determined B&*%! Major Depression is the Biggest B*%^! I’ve experienced at least four of the five. I’ve been sad for a while. It was hard for me to come to terms with that […]

Truths about a Spirit of Comparison & Negative Self Talk

It’s the whisper in that cramped part of your mind that tells you that you’re not going hard enough. You’re not strong enough. You’re not smart enough. You’re not charismatic enough. You’re not enough. You monitor these thoughts and chew on their meaning; but you never really question their origin. When you look in the […]

Love Letter to Self

You are like water. You nurture. You cleanse. Many around you drink and thrive; while some drown.

In your tides you learn and grow. Your biggest storms only revealed your greatest strengths. You are POWERFUL.

Thanking God for the hard seasons because you crave growth. Wanting to see yourself clearly and in your reflection is proof that God so loved the world.

How beautiful must God be if you are made in his image?

I’m not just your sounding board

Am I being listened to? I find myself pondering this concept while an ear that was supposed to be listening transformed into a mouth that won’t stop talking. Do we really desire to hear one another as strongly as we ourselves want to be heard. … It occurred to me one day. It’s not always […]


The Infamous Reputation of (Apology)

Recently, I discovered how I’ve conditioned myself to forgive in the absence of an apology; sadly, I had begun to no longer expect one. We are really bad at apologizing , let alone, asking for forgiveness when we’ve wronged someone. We Lean into the thought that the imperfections in another cancels out the need for accountability on our part. We close our connections by simply walking away and thinking “oh well”…convincing ourselves that the other person overreacted. The blind spots in our self awareness comes into play with us avoiding accountability, indulging in our pride, and yes, upholding the fear of vulnerability.

Death to the ‘Good Guy’

It’s a Performance. Death to the Good Girl was all about upholding a title that silently erased me as a woman. Many women and men alike could relate to the sentiment of behaving, speaking, and thinking a conformed way in order to embrace the title “good.” At the root, good is what we should strive […]

Imperfect Activism & the Age of Social Media

Whether you’re outraged or outraged about the outrage, plain ole confused…this post is for you. Imperfect Activism in the age of social media I’m writing this as a way to make sense of my own feelings about the state of the country right now without rushing to immediate judgment. These are pages from my personal […]

Why We NEED Lawrence on HBO’s Insecure

The dislike many of you feel for Lawrence stems for the real duality of his character. This idea that many men ruin women who want to believe in their potential by pure laziness. These character types usually go on and do better in the same fundamentals of a relationship that you begged for in a new […]