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It’s a Shame

Remember that feeling you use to get in middle school. Constant anxiety of dressing the part, saying the right things, liking the right people. Fitting in and never drawing negative attention that would make you stand out? Remember when it didn’t work. Because the game was rigged and just by being you and living your […]

My Complicated Love Affair with Clothes

Some people dress to impress. I dress to reflect my energy; sometimes quite literally wearing my heart on my sleeve. Using clothes as an expression of myself is nothing new to me. I remember the days as a teen when I wore bright colors and rocker tees to highlight the unique contradictions of my personality. […]

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You don’t like me & I’m OK with that

I started thinking about how jarring it is to discover that you’re disliked by someone. These days people don’t come out and say ”I don’t like you.” Well…that’s actually never been the case. Think about the southern charm insults exchanged over tea or mouse-like whisperers spreading gossip through gloved hands. People don’t SAY they don’t […]


The ONE That Got Away Pt. 2

For a while I found myself locked in a daydreamy memory of how the kisses felt when I was 16. How intoxicating lovemaking was when I was 19; and how intense being inlove had been with the past love of my life. Some strange affliction had befallen me and caused me to magically forget all […]


Damsel & the Dominant

  LBF Dominant Definition: Taking charge of yo shit; being able to perform without excessive guidance, teaching, or hand holding in love, finance, and life. In general, being a developed adult who can share “control” “power” within a romantic setting I.e dating/relationships.   What comes next is not a generalization but an observation. … “Either […]

The Complaint Drug

“My job better hope I never win the lottery, or I’m OUT!” and in truth they better hope I never win the lottery…(I don’t even play) But there’s so many things I’m blessed with when it comes to my career. A point I missed often in this last year…this caused me to think on other […]

Othello & the Pink

There’s a chip in the wall opposite my bed. Many small beauty marks such as this decorate the walls of my bedroom. This particular chip has a pinkish hue underneath the vanilla cream paint. I’ve spent hours staring at it in the dull light of morning. The world will wake soon and pull me from […]



The first maybe I allowed in my life was at 15. I let an ex use a maybe like a semi-colon. Pausing our relationship but not our love. He was convinced that in that moment in time he couldn’t give me what I needed, wanted, or deserved. Maybe we could be friends. Maybe when the […]


Death to the “Good Girl”

I was “good,” I was really good.  I didn’t raise my voice too loud or ask too many questions. I didn’t probe or pry even when my curiosity wanted just a taste of the truth. I was always nurturing. Always ready to fix the broken thing. My flat chest would swell with pride whenever I […]