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Sex is NOT a Therapist

Great sex after a hard day is indescribably wonderful.   There are so many mental, emotional, and physical benefits to shaking the sheets like lowered stress levels, improved job/life satisfaction, even headache relief. We could talk all day about the goodness a hefty orgasm brings us but I want to flip the script and discuss […]

Picture Imperfect

  Sometimes it’s just really good to feel yourself *cues Beyonce.* I never thought I was photogenic. Largely, the idea of me being beautiful was a one-sided opinion made by yours truly. Then slowly, how I saw myself changed more and more for the worse; that is until I began taking photos of myself a […]


Kill the Messenger and the Message

Somebody, please go gather Unc Snoop and his bonnet to get him together because this ain’t it. Excuse my ebonics while I dive into this post.   … *Stares in black girl annoyance* … Fuck that, I’m offended. I’m offended on behalf of my mother who loved a man in a way that was never […]

The Secret Meaning of Words

  “Actions speak louder than words..” And often, they do but nothing in this world articulates, defines, explains, and clarifies quite like words. Words, whether spoken or written, are important. Steamy romance books. Hearing your crush talk from across the room. Getting bad news on the telephone. Words are powerful. Think about the first time […]


Let’s Get Uncomfortable

My greatest moments were born from my greatest discomforts. I’ve been pushed, pulled, and dragged into situations that I felt ill-prepared for and totally blindsided by; yet it’s those moments where I had to dig deep within myself that I discovered what I was made of. I am a combination of glitter, warmth, creativity, and […]

The WET Season

Phone wet. Lips & elbows moisturized. Curls Juicy. DMs Drippin’. The next hurricane should be named “Krystal” The only things dry are my eyes.   In the DRY Season, I went through a drought in the dating world which allowed me to focus on my healing and creativity in a way that was more beneficial […]

Alpha Female Blues

What I’ve discovered in my 28 years of life is that being head bitch doesn’t necessarily go to the female that’s the loudest or most charismatic. I should know. I’m a socially awkward introvert who has a knack for being assertive and creative. Being an alpha is not a skill you can imitate from being […]


Ode to Self Care

100 percent. Everyone wants 100 percent of you. Your job demands 100 percent, your bae, your kids, your friend that keeps calling and crying about the same guy she said she was gonna leave three calls ago. They want your undivided attention, your time, your unconditional love. And you oblige. You slice yourself up like […]

The REAL Investments in Life

  This past weekend I surprised my best friend with things I thought would be helpful in encouraging her on her journey as a massage therapist. While she was away on training for two weeks I planned, schemed and organized a shelf in her apartment filled with things meant to show her that I support […]

The DRY Season

Phone dry. Lips dry. DMs dry. Dry. Dry. Dry.   While everyone is out having a “Hot Girl Summer” my room temperature summer only heats up when I step outside and burst into flames at the actual 104 temperature. I am in a DRY season but aside from fighting the urge to hump the legs […]