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The Truth about being Mary Jane AND G.I. Jane

Come close. closer… I am about to give you top secretedy, secret information about the truth of balancing the Army reserves and civilian life. You’ve seen the commercials that make you want to fist pump and high five yourself because America is amazing. Land of the free and home of the bad-asses that protect us. […]

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Where are Your “Day Ones” on Day Two?

  Giving Support does not equal Getting Support. This has been a sobering reality as I’ve embarked on the journey to explore my dream, ideas, and goals for the Let’s Build Mentoring Program and my blog. Where the hell are my day ones on day two? Some close friends and family seem like the last […]

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Breaking the Generational ‘Yes’ Cycle

  Saying Naw, Nope, Uh uh. Saying No. Is Hard AF for me. Instead I’ll say: “Uhhhh, well….maybe…I think I could. Possibly…” Knowing damn well I don’t want to because I effectively have all my money and time planned out weeks in advance. And because people usually solicit from those categories; I always find myself […]

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I’m the Gift that Keeps on Giving

Alright, Alright…You guys got me. I’ll be doing a GIFT GIVEAWAY 😊😆🤯🎁🎉 All you have to do is share one of your favorite LET’S BUILD blog posts and tag me to enter OR visit my blog and comment on your favorite post. You can even screenshot your share and email it, TOO EASY.  I’ll do a […]

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Investing in Myself Month

Ahhhh, it’s that time of year again for the phrase heard around the world. Come on. You know the one. You’ve even used it before. NEW YEAR, NEW ME ringing any bells? Well, I’ve decided that instead of attempting to construct a new me; I will just revamp the ME that’s already here! (I’m Pretty […]

Speaking as an Anxious Introvert

Cold sweats usually begin right under my arm pits and flow like a rapid waterfall just below my underdeveloped chest whenever I have to address a crowd or someone in a higher position than myself. At least that use to be the case. Years ago, public speaking was something that had become extremely uncomfortable for […]