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Anxiety and ASMR Videos

I’m that person that keeps Snapchat on their phone primarily because I love reading the free article links from various networks and magazines. It was here, in a fit of insomnia, that I discovered an article on ASMR videos for the anxious, overwhelmed or plain ole’ insomniac. I tried the videos and discovered sleep all […]


Where Are All the Mentors?

  “Successful people often forget to teach others how they got there.” -Bishop T.D. Jakes In general, there feels like a disconnect between those who’ve been there, done that and those who are prepping for what’s to come. We give experience too much rope in teaching others when they only end up hanging themselves in […]


To Adult or Not to Adult?

  What are the milestones and achievements that solidify you as an adult? For me that wasn’t the age of 18. Or 21 OR 25 for that matter. It wasn’t when I brought my first car or joined the military. Completing a degree didn’t do it for me either. I had specific mental thresholds that […]