Brick by Brick

It’s like we helped to build this house but only got credit for a few misplaced bricks.

What is month when we’ve been here since the true beginning.

Brick by Brick.

What is a month.

More than hot combs and peanut butter inventions.

Beyond speeches about dreams and jet black afros.

We are more.

We are History.

America built brick by brick. Whip by Whip.

An economy catapulted by 400 years of free labor .


Left out of history books as nothing more than a chapter of Rosa Parks and an excerpt heard by many but felt by few.

What is a month but a confining space that we are expected to stretch our long legged history about in.

Even then with blackness radiating from every corner of the month we are somehow overshadowed by a Holiday who’s history is just as brutal as ours.

And while we wear our pride with it’s vivid colors on our faces


I can’t help but wonder…what is a month

but another chain identifying us as less than, not equal, Not history.


I see your month. I raise you 11 more.






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