Admit it! You’re a writer! You scribble notes of topic ideas and amazing opening sentences on the back of old greasy napkins or anything you can find so you won’t forget it. You have at least three different rough drafts ideas sitting right now in your WordPress draft folder; and when you finally do make it to typing up a blog post, you proof it a thousand times before you finally hit PUBLISH. It’s only then that you realize you used “their” instead of “there” and you question the validity of your entire existence. Honey, you’re a writer and as a writer there are a few tips that can help keep your journey enjoyable.



Value What You Put Out into the Internet-verse

Where has Let’s Build been? Well, besides feverishly working and spending time with family I’ve had trouble deciding on what was worthy enough to post. I currently have at least six really great drafts in my draft box and that’s after I cleared it of junk posts. Why? Because I genuinely care about the information I decide to write about and subsequently post. When you’re a writer the most wonderful, powerful tool you yield are your words.  And the internet is forever. So while someone across the country may read your typo of “their” meant to be “there” and think hmmm…they also won’t forget how your post topic, tone and language made them feel. As bloggers we often forget we are writers, it is a slippery slope to use the term in a board sense but if we don’t acknowledge our great power how can we ever understand our great responsibility to our audience and our niche?




How to Get Your Groove Back

With the schedule change came the routine being blown up in my face. That included reading blogs daily or even just reading in general recreation. Conversations, routines and experiences changed and effected the groove I had gotten used to writing in. In order to nurture the greedy writer in me I’ve started feeding her a daily dose of blog reads, current events, and stimulating conversations that she’s use to. I had begun to feel emotionally sluggish again and I didn’t understand why. What had changed in a negative way? I have a great job, I’m able to spend time with family and go out with friends…what changed? I wasn’t writing, I wasn’t taking the time to put my thoughts, emotions, advice out into the universe. I was starving my inner self.


read write


Admire Your Work

Stop right now and go scroll through your blog website then come back…


Oh Great! You actually came back.

Did you see all the creativity that came from your brain? Granted we may have help with the layout or color scheme but if it were not for YOUR ideas and words that blog space would not be. Those followers of yours connected with YOUR words. Tell me something more amazing than that. While there may be days or months that we find it hard to carve out the time or mental space to write, it is important that we do. For whatever reasons you started make sure you’re staying true to a very important part of who are, a Writer. Now go write some awesome shit!



Okay Builders, What are some tips you’ve uncovered on your journey as a writer? Comment below and Let’s talk!