IMG_0504There is a sense of pride in knowing that you were the first in your family or group of friends to venture outside the “norm.”

For some that may be going to college, for others that may be joining the military. For some that may even be doing both or neither OR starting a business, moving to a different city, buying a house, vlogging.

Whatever the source of that pride and the knowledge that you are the first to push outside the box; I think it’s safe to say that with the pride also comes the pressure.
With the pride comes the anxiety, the fear, and the feeling of not having what it takes to succeed in your dreams. I write this blog for you. I’ve experienced the feeling of not belonging and I’ve also, at different points in my life, allowed that feeling to paralyze my growth. Many times it can be frightening to start down a path that no one you know has taken or maybe they have and didn’t succeed.

However, you should know that there are many others with stories just like yours and that the best way to feel sure of yourself in a new environment is to prepare.


  • Prepare yourself by learning all you can about your endeavor
  • Sharpen your circle to include others who are on the same path
  • Find a mentor who can properly guide you


If you’re starting out in college and feel like your small town high school did NOT prepare you *raises hand* then spend that extra time studying, socializing, and exploring instead of taking that afternoon nap.

If you’ve decided to enlist then take time in advance to learn rank structure, creeds, and study the materials your recruiters give you. Becoming a small business owner? Great! surround yourself with other small business owners to get an idea of what you can expect in the first few years.

Nothing compares to the confidence that preparation and surrounding yourself with the  right people gives you. Growth is hard but it’s also exciting and if done right, rewarding. So, never be ashamed that you seek growth in a different way. Don’t allow yourself to feel like an outcast when your uniqueness gives you something those around you don’t have.

Find a way to take advantage of your disadvantage.
Often, children and young adults who are first generation successes find their journey to be a lonely one; this is one reason why networking is so very important.

Sometimes, MOST times you have to stretch your comfort zone to include the unfamiliar
but it is necessary to find individuals who will understand certain areas of your life. I have a best friend who went to college and joined part-time military just as I did. I know that I can talk to her about various issues concerning both.

On the other hand, I have a friend, who like me, was also from a low-income family. I can confide in this friend with issues others in my life may not understand because they did not experience it. I hope to connect young adults to each other  with similar feelings and experiences. That is one of the goals of this blog and the Let’s Build initiative.

The Let’s build initiative is all about uplifting our communities starting with young adults who may not have the direction and mentorship they desire and deserve. I offer this blog as a mirror, an outlet, and a source of relief with you knowing that you’re not alone.

This blog will serve as a format to encourage healthy discussions, provide  relevant  information and a sense of community for young adults and their parents. Stay tuned for weekly posts about the things that matter.


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