Damsel & the Dominant: a talk of alpha, dominants, and damsels in dating LBF PODCAST

Join Host Kantoinette and special guest Key of MyCurlsSpeak Podcast to discuss the concept of “alpha men/women” and dominance in dating. We keep this topic light-hearted with plenty of laughs but a whole lot of truth from the perspective of two women. Some questions to consider when having this conversation:   Do you consider yourself an “alpha” or dominant? Why or why not?   Why do you believe some men have an issue with the idea of alpha women aka independent or dominant women?    Does true partnership require submission to one another?   Can we handle the fact that not everyone is a leader?   How do you incorporate your beliefs on this topic into your dating?   Remember to subscribe to LBF Podcast to catch weekly (Mondays) episodes and special releases on some weekends. Catch the visual episodes on Youtube by searching LBF Podcast.   Like and share these conversations with a friend.    Want to get social?    Follow host Kantoinette on Instagram @Kantoinette_theblogger or @lets_build_futures for the official LBF page.    Be sure to Follow the amazing guest from this episode Key @MCSwithKey on Instagram and tap into all the wonderful topics MyCurlsSpeak Podcast available on all streaming platforms.     Also, Follow the Crux Media Group @cruxmediagrouppods to find more shows that bring life to the podcasting genre. Download the Nobody Grinds app for more of what you love in black news, creatives, and more.
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