A Different Kind of Hood: Black Fatherhood LBF PODCAST

Happy Father’s Day!   Join Host Kantoinette and welcome back KT, one half of the 1409 Podcast, in this discussion of black fatherhood. KT works a full time job, coordinates and produces 1409 Podcast, is a student, husband, and a black father. We discuss his journey as a father and how he “shows up” for his children. There are a few questions we touch like:   What does it mean to you to be a black father?   How does the world view black fathers?   What is the job of a father? In your own words..   Do black fathers have a different kind of responsibility than other fathers of the world? Remember to subscribe to LBF Podcast to catch weekly (Mondays) episodes and special releases on weekends. Catch the visual episodes on Youtube by searching LBF Podcast.    Like and share these conversations with a friend.    Want to get social? Follow host Kantoinette on instagram @Kantoinette_theblogger or @lets_build_futures for the official LBF page.    Follow Guests KT @843ambassador and stream the 1409 Podcast everywhere you listen to podcasts (Apple Podcast, Google Podcast, Spotify, iheart Radio & more).  Also Follow the Crux Media Group @cruxmediagrouppods to find more shows that bring life to the podcasting genre. Download the Nobody Grinds app for more of what you love in black news, creatives, and more.
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