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Join Host Kantoinette and returning guest Richard as we discuss what it means to be black to us, our experiences with exploring blackness creatively/in real-time, and get to know “Rick” as the beautiful creative he is.    Here are some things discussed in this Creating Space Interview:   What is the most special thing about being black to you?   Describe your brand of existing while black or “blackness”   How do you approach this show differently than you did the previous show (Rick & Namon)   Why did you decide that podcasting was the way you wanted to create content?   Remember to SUBSCRIBE  to LBF Podcast to catch bi-weekly (Mondays) episodes and special releases on some weekends. Catch the visual episodes on Youtube by searching LBF Podcast.   Like and share these conversations with a friend.    Want to get social?    Follow host Kantoinette on instagram @Kantoinette_theblogger or @lets_build_futures for the official LBF page.    Follow Guest Richard on IG @stilltalkinglblack for podcast content and @doddsism for his personal page. Be sure to listen to the bi-weekly episode release of Still Talking Black and check out the recent mini-series on mothers of black sons.    Also, Follow the Crux Media Group @cruxmediagrouppods to find more shows that bring life to the podcasting genre. Download the Nobody Grinds app for more of what you love in black news, creatives, and more.
  1. Creating Space to Talk B(L)ack
  2. How's Your Mental Health Today?
  3. Working Hard or is it Hardly Working: a talk of Hustle Culture
  4. A Different Kind of Hood: Brotherhood
  5. A Year In Transition

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