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Confessions of a Highly Sensitive Person LBF PODCAST

Join Host Kantoinette as we explore what it means to be a highly sensitive person and an empath in this very light, interesting topic. In this episode, we look within ourselves to see what our beliefs and experiences are surrounding the topic of sensitivity.    Here are some things discussed in this discussion:   “I spent so much time trying to hardened myself to match the hardness of the world that I didn’t realize I was denying who I naturally am”   Can you relate to this? Remember to SUBSCRIBE  to LBF Podcast to catch bi-weekly (Mondays) episodes and special releases on some weekends. Catch the visual episodes on Youtube by searching LBF Podcast.   Like and share these conversations with a friend.    Want to get social?    Follow host Kantoinette on Instagram @Kantoinette_theblogger or @lets_build_futures for the official LBF page.    Also, Follow the Crux Media Group @cruxmediagrouppods to find more shows that bring life to the podcasting genre. Download the Nobody Grinds app for more of what you love in black news, creatives, and more.
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