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For the past two months I have rejected making musical selections in the commute to work or home and instead opt to listen to various podcasts. My love for podcasts has grown so intense that in order to make it out of bed in the morning I must first hit “play” to hear the energetic, nostalgic, empowering or often plain ole hilarious voices of my favorite people I’ve never even met.


Why Podcasts are the GOAT

Ever been in a funk and it seems like listening to music just isn’t doing it for you? Watching the same reruns on Hulu and Netflix is played out and your broke a** doesn’t have cable? Yea…me too. Lately, I’ve been going through some pretty tough things so the last thing I want to hear is some mumble rapper huffin’ about spending stacks I don’t have (He probably doesn’t either to be honest) or riding around in a car I can’t afford. And it’s the same across the board, R’n’B just puts me in my feelings, Gospel isn’t my cup of tea etc…etc…

On the contrary, podcasts feel like those random, funny yet deep conversations you have with your group of close friends over hot pizza and cold beer. You know… it’s like one of those nights that usually happen by accident but somehow end up being referenced often throughout the years because they’re just that memorable. Good podcasts give you that feeling and I’m addicted to them. I’ve listed my top five favorite podcasts at the moment and they should help ease you into the world of podcast entertainment.

#1  What a Time

If you are a millennial, or 90s raised, then you need this podcast in your life. Hosts JD and Jasmine are there to take you back to all of your favorite childhood memories, like black ghosts of 90s past. One word describes this podcast, nostalgic. From your favorite 90s and early 2000s TV shows to music and fashion (remember those digital name belts); this podcast will make you feel like that Mya Ft. Blackstreet, Mase and Blinky Blink song Take Me There

They discuss everything from an era of time that many of us still explore through what we wear, watch and listen to. Both hosts are far more knowledgeable than the average 90s baby and help to make the episode’s trip back in time smooth, funny and memorable. So if you say to yourself, What a Time to have been alive back in the 90s, then this is the podcast for you.

#2  Clearly Misunderstood

I find myself laughing hard in a way I would normally only be able to do around my actual friends. This podcast does weekly recaps with hosts Mr. OMG, K. Jenae, and Soul Du Jour, current hot topics, and often veers off into hilarious, relatable side-bar stories. In my mind I know these hosts personally because I honestly spend so much time listening to their opinions, jokes and stories. I’m convinced I’m truly part of the Misunderstood Mafia. From the early episodes of Mr. OMG complaining about his hurting feet while working at department store “Lillard’s” to first lady K. Jenae never having a good experience to recap and the catchy intro song featuring Soul Du Jour; do yourself a favor and listen to these three because you are sure to get your 7 chuckles and then some. This is my go to when I’m in a bad mood because I know once it’s over I’ll feel better as a result from all the laughing.

#3 NWP

Imagine a gaggle of guys with vastly different personalities sitting around mics drinking and smacking on chips while discussing everything from everyday life to relationships to current news. Listening to this podcast feels like I’m sitting back chillin’ with my bro friends while I get a healthy dose of testosrone and in-filtered opinions.

#3  Cute for Dark Chicks

Just listen to the episode titled Dope Lady. Admittedly I have just recently started listening to this podcast last week but this episode took me OUT. I almost didn’t make it to work the morning I listened to it because that is how incredibly funny it truly is. These two lovely hosts  discuss men, relationships, careers and celeb hot topics in a down-to-earth homegirl style that comes so natural for these chocolate Queens. If you’re missing your bestie or just need some girl talk without the talking on your part, this podcast is for you.

#4  Call Your Girlfriend

Long-distanced besties (insert name) are super smart and hella feminist and I LOVE IT! They discuss so many issues that effect the female demographic, especially, but also discuss ways we can all be our best selves through knowledge, activism and best friends. The topics they dive into are a mixture of current events and personal stories cultivated in a way that helps listeners fall inlove with these two besties. If you’re all about female empowerment and even if you’re not, definitely listen to this podcast as it opens your mind to view all the different challenges and triumphs that many of us face in this world.

#5  On My Grown

The tantalizing duo of (insert names) perfectly balance each other out. If you love Beyonce’s recent cochella performance in which she pays homage to HBCUs then listening to these two should give you that same feeling as they share their past HBCU school experiences often. These two enlightened millennials discuss issues unique to all of us young, black and gifted attempting to navigate the world while exclaiming to everyone that we’re on our grown man/woman sh**! Listening in on how they handle each milestone and experience helps me in knowing that I’m not the only one trying to figure out just how to “adult.”

So listen from here or download Soundcloud to follow their profiles, Saturday morning is the perfect time to enjoy any one of these podcasts.

Hey Builders! Help me out, What are some other really great podcast I can add to my list?! Comment below and Let me Know.

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  1. chelsea from the music box
    chelsea from the music box says:

    This is so incredibly true, even being the passionate music lover that I am I still get sick of music on occasion and a lot of it has to do with my mood. Sometimes I just want to feel like I have company when I don’t and listen to conversations and information that I’ve never heard before, and podcasts are always my solution.


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