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She’s Making a List: The DGGYST Challenge

One of my favorite blogs, DAMN GIRL GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER or DGGYST, just returned from her hiatus with nothing less than a stellar post. It asks readers to take an inventory of the things they’ve accomplished in their life thus far. The brilliant writer behind the blog gave her readers a glimpse into the mayhem that unfolded during her 30th birthday in My Very Stabby Birthday . She discusses how she realized she’s a badass in sheep’s clothing by listing her accomplishments and then asks readers to do the same. So, here goes nothing!

From the ages of 18-27 I’ve made my share of mistakes the size of Santa’s list. I’ve checked my shit more than twice. What I’ve never done, however, is make a not-so-comprehensive list of my accomplishments like…

1. Learned how to put on fitted sheet after only 3 tries

2. Started eating breakfast in the mornings

3. Graduated college with a BA

4. Joined the military and somehow stayed

5. Deployed and somehow survived

6. Successfully fulfilled higher positions thrown into my lap

7. Brought first car that doesn’t randomly cut off in the street

8. Learned to forgive others

9. Added myself to that list

10. Learning difference between selflessness and self care

11. Stopped ignoring my successes

12. Started learning from my mistakes like never include my natural cleanser ,orange juice, with morning breakfast. Especially before commute to work.

Special thanks to DGGYST for calling out such a positive thing in her readers. Go check out her website you won’t be sorry! Click the link below!

DGGYST Damn Girl Get Your Shit Together

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