The Secret Meaning of Words


“Actions speak louder than words..”

And often, they do but nothing in this world articulates, defines, explains, and clarifies quite like words.

Words, whether spoken or written, are important.

Steamy romance books.

Hearing your crush talk from across the room.

Getting bad news on the telephone.

Words are powerful.

Think about the first time hearing “I love you,” before then you probably already knew how that person felt. The actions of your person probably alluded to love. But to HEAR it was everything. To feel the vibration of the words off the lips of the one you love. That is the power of words, that little skip in your heart or butterfly in your stomach.

Depending on the words, they can be pretty loud, heavy or beautiful.

Your words are how you touch someone even in the distance. It’s how you define the importance of a presence in your life. Words can kiss, caress, or even slap. Words are expressions. Think back to the rush you got from your first “F*** you!”

Words are the meaning behind an action.



I Need Words

I began thinking of this topic when I discovered that feeling loved and hearing it is equally important to me. I need words WITH action. With Physical touch being my primary love language you would think that all I’d need is a warm hug or soft kiss. But words solidify the known and unknown. Behind words are your reasons for your actions.

“Words are, of course, the most powerful drug used by mankind.” -R. Kipling

Whether we indulge or withhold, words are in and of themselves provocative. So many times we say we want actions to match the words that we hear. He says he loves you then prove it in action. Job says your invaluable then prove it with a raise.

We often say actions are most important but while action is the proof of a thing, words are the acknowledgement of its existence, words are the explanation of a thing. Without words misinterpretations, misunderstandings, and gray areas prevail.  I’m at a point in my life when I expect many adults who struggle with communication to say what they show.


Use Your Words

We need to revert back to our childhood when in our excitement or anger our mothers would calmly say “Use your words.” Do you care enough to use your words. Slowing down to take an in depth look at your thoughts and actions to translate what they all mean to another? We’re no longer children who don’t know how to regulate their emotions, though many of us would rather be anger or in love without ever taking the time to SAY so. We expect others to know what our actions in anger or in love mean. These are just two examples but you get my point. SAY SOMETHING! 


Yin & Yang

Action and words are like yin and yang; you need both for proper balance. I need words behind the action. For some people words are less important. That depends on your specific situations, love language, and various other factors which determine whether you’re a “hearer” or a “seer”. Ultimately, both make concrete our understanding of the world we live in and the ppl we live with. So yea, he knows you love him but when was the last time you said it? She knows you’re her best friend but when was the last time you told her all the reasons why? We chuck emotions and words up to “Ahhhh they know how I feel” but the secret of words is simply that you care enough to attempt to articulate your thoughts, emotions, and actions for those in your world.

Let’s give a little more thought to our words and the impact they have on our world.



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