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TMIS aka Too Many Ideas Syndrome

I have an awesome idea. From that idea comes 1 or 2 sub-ideas, then from those 1 or 2 sub-ideas comes 1 or 2 sub-sub ideas. Someone is talking to me about what happened on a show last night and it gives me an idea and from that idea comes 1 or 2 sub-ideas, then from those 1 or 2 sub-ideas comes….Frustrated yet?

That is what happens inside my brain almost EVERY. SINGLEDAY. That is what TMIS is. I’m no expert on it but after stopping to google “I have so many ideas I can’t focus” because I was in the middle of writing a blog post and literally had about 10 different, amazing ideas; the term TMIS popped up. I stopped writing that post to start this one by the way.

Now I’m not a big fan of the LABELS. ☹️ Not every kid has ADD just because they’re active or not everyone is clinically depressed because they’re sad. However, as soon as I saw that there was a name for this I had the Oprah “aha” moment because now I knew I wasn’t crazy.

It now all made sense why when my friends were discussing something with me I’d struggle to focus because from the moment they said “Krystal…what do you think about blah, blah, blah;” I immediately went on a mind tangent of sub-ideas and sub-sub ideas followed by a question to them that has nothing to do with whatever we were talking about.


I started thinking maybe I had ADD but the symptoms weren’t adding up because it only happens when I’m being creative,  brainstorming or when someone triggers an idea thread. I’m anal with planning and organizing but my mind is like Hurricane Katrina when it comes to brainstorming.

So, what’s the problem with having ideas? NOTHING! Having ideas is awesome!

Having 10 and not knowing where to start, or how to write them down before another idea pops is the problem.

TMIS sounds cheesy AF, I know but as someone whose dealt with it since childhood I honestly appreciate knowing that it is actually a thing.

The problem with having multiple ideas in a short time span is you can’t focus on completing or planning one before the details of one idea leads you down the road of another new idea. (Deep breath) exhausting concept.

Many times I have great ideas but I don’t know which one to start with first. (Gift and Curse) <<< that phrase in parenthesis was one small idea I had that I wanted to incorporate into this post for later but had to write it down now so I didn’t forget it. SMH shatter brain much?…apparently yes, yes I am.

Each idea feels like a treasure you just uncovered.

How do you choose which idea to start to build on first?

Often, I’m so exhausted with the thought process that I say *&^! it and grab my goobers, milk and watch Teen Titans just so my brain will settle down in the nonsensical funniness of the show.

This is a problem because either I’ll start multiple ideas and won’t finish or I won’t start at all because I have no idea how to choose between all the wonders my brilliant mind vomits. Joking…kinda.


In all seriousness, I hope this post helps someone with a brain that just won’t sit still. Below are tips on how to tame that awesome brain of yours so that you can proceed in conquering the world.


1.Find a system that’s great for releasing your ideas. It may be sticky notes, or a notepad, cell phone, word document. Whatever your outlet make it accessible and practical. And please for the love of everything choose one method because doing all of them will only add to your drama. I know because I’ve tried.


2. Go back to your list to chew over your ideas after a few days of releasing them. You may often find that some of those ideas aren’t as tasty as you thought they were after actually looking at them from a more realistic eye. Once you allow the idea to settle you may just throw it out altogether.


3. Prioritize which ideas are your best and most effective in whatever you’re trying to accomplish. Doing this will further weed out your loser ideas that you had at 3 a.m. after a night of partying at the local Taco Bell.


4. Set a cap on how many ideas you’re going to plan or try to implement over a week or month. You need to adjust how many things you’ll actually work on. If you try to juggle too many ideas at once you’re just gonna burn yourself out and get nothing accomplished. Pace yourself and treat each idea with the special attention it deserves at this point.


5. Relax. Having a great number of ideas is its own gift. At least you’ll never be bored with yourself. Is TMIS an actual medical/psychological term?..Who knows but what we do know is that we’re not the only ones out there with chain reaction brains.



Just think of this as your little quirky superpower with the potential to launch that nurtured idea into the stratosphere and possibly make you some money in the process. It may be a curse at times but it should always be seen as a gift. (See I told you guys I’d use that phrase later; I’m getting better at this idea completion thing.)

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