Why “Making Money Moves” Doesn’t Always mean Making Money

By now we see Hashtag MONEY MOVES under every Instagram post featuring our fellow entrepreneur, blogger, InstaModel or world traveler (you know the one who always has money and time to travel; it’s questionable as to how and where they get the resources but we’re still jelly).

We equate success and progress with making the green and belittle all the efforts and small wins leading up to the big Payback. We don’t understand that “Making money moves” doesn’t always include money.



Making money moves are those things that put you on a path to becoming profitable enough to sustain yourself through your craft. Networking, business meetings, establishing a portfolio showing off your skills, investing your last $100 into your blog; all those things are #MoneyMoves.

In taking steps to perfect your craft, hone in on your talent and build up your brand you are making moves toward a path that will eventually lead to $$$.

I recently heard an interview given by the beautiful Issa Rae in which she stated (paraphrased) “We focus so much on networking UP and forget to network across to those college buddies, friends, classmates who are on the same level.” How true is that?!

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GIPHY: My best friend is one of my biggest supporters.

Connecting ourselves to others who are pursuing their own goals can provide us with important resources that help in us achieving our goals. Feedback, ideas, and encouragement from former classmates, friends and coworkers have all been useful in making the right moves in my pursuit of success. In my own words, I be getting to the money, slowly but surely.

The process of “getting to the money” is not something we are shown often. Instead, people show the shiny, glittery result of their blood, sweat and tears.

You don’t see the 12 hour workdays, the dozens of meetings with investors or intense workout regime; instead you see a picture of a stack of money posted, six pack abs, a range rover, fancy brunch dates and vacations. Just remember that most entrepreneurs had to hustle their asses off before getting to that point. Most won’t show you that side but trust and believe it’s there.


GIPHY: “I be getting to the MONEY! ERbody mad!”

I find that conversations with my friends that lead to awesome blog post ideas or networking with followers in their businesses through my social media pages can all be things that lead down a path toward the mean green. We all want our creativity to be valued but let’s not get so caught up with getting the money that we forget the moves are what’s most important.

Moving toward your goal for the right reasons, with the right resources and support will eventually allow you to sip Bahama mamas with your Chanel shades on while being fed grapes by the handsome island boy as your photo is being snapped #Boss #IslandVibes #MoneyMoves #CatchFlightsNotFeelings….in theory. I can dream Damnit!

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GIPHY: We’ll probably never get to this point but we can definitely try!

In the end as long as you’re providing a quality product, service or insight then you should be proud of it. Don’t get so pressed to see monetary success too soon.

Small wins like gaining additional supporters, garnering a partnership as a result of a successful business meeting or even having one person DM/Email you about something you wrote on your blog are all examples of making tremendous money moves absent of money. You are working towards the money by moving in the right direction. Don’t forget it!



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  1. LifeRiiImagined
    LifeRiiImagined says:

    LOVED that interview with Issa Rae. & girl if this whole post ain’t the truth 🙌🏾 Since I started blogging all my “money moves” consist of spending it 🤣🤣 can’t wait to start seeing a return on my investment . Great post !


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